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People today are trying to live healthier lives and they are looking for an answer to what they should do to attain this goal.The best way I have found is to eat better foods, get more exercise and take supplements from a good company like Spring Valley Vitamins.

These days people don’t always have the option to eat better foods because they are too busy. The solution to getting proper nutrition if you don’t have the time to eat healthy foods is to take nutritional supplements. One of the best companies for nutritional supplements is Spring Valley Vitamins. They have the vitamins, minerals and herbs needed for you to obtain the proper nutrition you need.
Even eating a complete healthy meal will not always give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimum health. So taking supplements is the best way to improve your health along with exercise. There have been many studies done over the years that have proven this.A good online source to do your own research is the Mayo Clinic.
Your need for each supplement varies but the most important ones are vitamins C, D-3, Curcumin, and a pure omega-3 product from fish oil.
I would recommend 1000mg of vitamin C twice a day, 2 to 5000iu of vitamin D-3, 500mg of Curcumin a day and a teaspoon of omega-3 fish oil.
Find them at a quality supplements retailer here online or in your city or town.
I recommend that you order online at a lower cost than from your local health food store. It’s  usually less expensive to buy this way even with the shipping costs. Make sure to check for any coupons available or any items on sale. Choose your shipping method and place your order. There are other good vitamin companies out there but do your research to make sure they are offering high quality pure supplements.
Choosing the best nutritional supplements can seem over whelming but if you are ordering from a reputable company you will get high quality vitamins and minerals at a fair price.After you start taking the most important vitamins mentioned above, you will want to add more as your budget permits. I would suggest purchasing a good vitamin B50 complex along with a natural source vitamin E product. Make sure it’s a natural source vitamin E as it is much more effective when vitamin E is a natural source.
Avoid taking a one a day vitamin. The reasoning is that you cannot get a high enough dosage in a one a day caplet because of it’s size.  You need to take each vitamin and mineral separately to get a high enough dosage to be effective.Minerals should also be added to your supplement regime. Zinc, calcium, magnesium and selenium are very important along with trace minerals.

Most of our foods now come from factory farms. The soil has been depleted of its nutrients and when anything is grown in this soil it lacks essential minerals. The best way to replace these minerals is to take supplements like zinc, calcium and magnesium. You also need trace minerals and these can be obtained easily by using a good sea salt. I recommend Celtic Sea Salt. This salt is harvested from the sea beds and contains all the trace minerals you need. Just replace your regular salt with Celtic Sea Salt. It is also better for you than regular table salt because it has a lower sodium content so it has less effect on your blood pressure.

For more information feel free to read the other articles on our site. Source: Mayo Clinic

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