Vitamin d Deficiency

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[amazon template=banner easy&asin=B007OEHYFY]It might sound ridiculous when you stay out of the sunlight and your doctor says you have a vitamin d deficiency. Vitamin D does come from sunshine. Well, this nutrient does not only come from the sun but you can find it in foods like egg yolks, fish as well as fish liver oil. In addition, you can find it in grain and dairy products. You might be wondering how sun transforms the sweet sunshine feeling into nutrients. Just by exposing your skin to sunshine, it transforms it into nutrients. The best time to benefit from sunshine is when it is not too hot. Remember too hot and direct sun might do more harm to your skin than good. You should get 15 to 20 minutes on exposed skin to get enough of it from the sun.What is the importance of this supplement to your body? If you expose your body to sunshine at a young age, it will make you healthier in the future. Recent research has proven that it does more than making strong teeth and bones. Even if you have a healthy diet, you need to supplement this sunshine vitamin too. A deficiency may be the underlying cause of many diseases including cancers. It will cost more to ignore such major roles and to be one of those suffering from a deficiency. Even if you work indoors all day, it is better to grab that morning sunlight outside your office and if you can’t, take at least 1000mg of vitamin d3 a day.How will you know that you suffer from lack of vitamin D? Just go visit a doctor and he will do a blood test. The main aim of the test is to see the level of vitamins in your blood. Alternatively, you can get a test kit that you can use at home without paying too much of your hard earned money. If you have some illness like weak muscles, flu, long time kidney disease, psoriasis, asthma, diabetes, periodontal and cardiovascular diseases, body disorders like depression and schizophrenia or even cancer; chances are that you do not have enough it.
When it comes to matters of health, one should always be careful and take precautions. Prevention is better than cure. Just taking a short minute walk can save you a lot of money and give you other benefits like peace.

The other short-term symptoms are rickets, weak immune system, feeling depressed and sometimes suffering opportunistic and unexplained illnesses. Osteoporosis and cancer are also sometimes the result of not enough of it in your diet. Some of the causes of a deficiency are lack of enough sunshine, obesity and kidney failure. The most vulnerable people who can easily suffer a deficiency are the white skinned.
But everyone should take at least 1000mg of vitamin d3 every day whether you get sun or not.
You will be healthier if you do.

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