Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C benefits are many. This vitamin is well known to help our body fight against illnesses and specifically against scurvy. But this is only for minimal health benefits. You know that if you eat fruits, you will be healthier but you need more  C then fruits can supply.  Fruits such as strawberries as well as blackcurrants are only one source of this vitamin. Other sources are vegetables like broccoli. Well, the best way to maximize  getting the nutrients from these sources is taking them when still very fresh. Do not take them after they have been in your refrigerator for long or after exposing them to heat, and expect to get any benefits. The other precaution is to avoid eating overcooked vegetables. Since your body does not store this vitamin, it is advisable to supply your body with it daily.How important is this vitamin? If you have been admitted to hospital, then you know how important this vitamin is. Everyone who comes to visit you wants to bring fruits or something that will help your overall health improve. Well, it is a natural antioxidant for helping your body release harmful toxins. That is where C vitamin comes in. In addition, it helps us by creating collagen. This collagen is responsible for keeping your bones, joints and skin healthy and strong. Also, your blood vessels cannot function well without this vitamin.
If you have enough C  your body will be able to fight illnesses. This vitamin helps in creation of new and strong immune cells as well as being an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent. Your body will never have difficulty in absorbing iron extracted from food. Memory loss will be history, but only if you take enough of it. Stress is the number one contributor of illness. Well, with enough C in the body, you will have a stress-free mind and body.

How much is enough C for your body? The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for an adult who does not smoke is at least in 75 mg a day for men and 90 mg for women. On the other hand, smokers should increase their intake of Vitamin C intake to 110 mg and 125 mg for women and men consecutively. Although the recommended intake depends on whether you have a health problem, the more of it you take the better for your body.
I would recommend at least 1000mg a day for a healthy person. If you feel a cold coming on increase the amount you take on an hourly basis and stop when you have bowl intolerance.With the above recommended intake, you will stay healthy and avoid getting colds or at least reduce the severity of your colds. This has been clinically proven by many studies. There is no unsafe limit to take C so take it every day and you will feel and be healthy.
The best form of C to take is Ester C but it is also more expensive. An inexpensive form of  C is Calcium ascorbate which has an absorption rate almost as good as Ester C at much less cost. So you will get the vitamin c benefits you require.

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