Neck Pain Relief

I’d like to touch on this problem because I have found a lot of people have neck and shoulder pain and don’t know how to get neck pain relief.If you wake up and have a pain in the neck it’s probably your pillow causing the problem. The reason for this is that while you are sleeping on your regular pillow your neck is not supported. This causes your neck to sag and this stresses the muscles in your neck.There are several solutions to this. The first is to tuck your pillow into your neck to support it while you sleep. This will help but as you sleep the pillow will slip so it is not an all night solution.The best solution I have found is to buy a pillow with a 3″ foam role built into the pillow. Place your head on the main part of the pillow and your neck will be comfortably supported by the foam neck role while you sleep.A less costly solution is to go to your local fabric store a buy 3′ of half inch thick foam. Role the foam up so it’s about 3-4″ thick. Place an elastic around each end and then insert the rolled foam into your pillow case with your pillow so that the roll is beside the pillow.To test it lay down and put your head on the pillow so that your neck is supported by the foam roll. If it feels comfortable then you are all set. It should be supportive but not uncomfortable. If it’s pressing too much into your neck remove about 6″ of foam and try again.
It may take a night or 2 to get completely used to it but it will be worth the effort because your stiff neck pain will be eliminated.

If you sleep on your stomach you may have to adjust the roll for comfort.The best sleeping position is on your side with your leg drawn up as this take the pressure off of your lower back.There are many types of these neck support pillows on the market. The memory foam ones are really nice because they conform to your neck as you sleep so the give you a lot of comfort. But they are more expensive. So depending on your budget either make the roll yourself as I have described above or shop around for a ready made pillow with a neck support roll. Then you will be able to get a good nights sleep free of pain.I’d recommend Amazon for neck pillows. They have the best selection at the best prices. Here is a link to their Neck Pillows

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