How to Get Rid of Heartburn

Heartburn is an everyday problem for some people, especially for those who are above the age of 35. Acidic indigestion or heartburn is a burning sensation in the chest, which is felt after eating a heavy or an acidic meal, mostly felt during sleeping or resting. It is experienced when the stomach’s acidic juices during digestion flow back to the food pipe (esophagus). The food pipe is not protected and gets damaged and a burning feeling is experienced.
So what can cause this acidity? It can be the result of obesity or smoking. It can also be caused by drinking alcohol, carbonated drinks, caffeine or even chocolate. All these stimulate the stomach to create more acid. Acidic food and drinks can cause this too.
But then how to get rid of heartburn? Well it can be reduced by making sure that your stomach produces less acid and by preventing the stomach fluids to enter the esophagus. Here are some quite effective tips for getting rid of heartburn.
1. Changing a few habits. You can reduce the chances of heartburn by altering your way of living. You should sleep on your left side; remember this by, right is wrong. If the upper part of your body is elevated it keeps the acid in your belly from flowing back and loosen up those clothes, from the waist particularly. It helps reduce pressure on the stomach.
2. Change your diet. Acidic indigestion depends mainly on your diet. It is caused by food that can either trigger your stomach to secrete acid or the foods containing acid. Don’t overeat and try to reduce your weight to become slim. Also try not to eat in a rush. There should be a gap of about 2 to 3 hours between meals and do not lie down after having a meal. Eating fiber rich food can help in digestion and hence prevent acidity. Note down the food you have taken before, when you feel chest burning and try to avoid that food in the future.
3. Gum. This will sound crazy, but chewing gum can also lessen indigestion. It makes us produce more saliva which helps the stomach digest food more easily.
4. Herbs. If you’re looking for a herbal solution then you should use Iberogast, it is made up nine herbs namely, Bitter candytuft, Angelica root, Caraway fruit, Chamomile flowers, St Mary’s thistle, Peppermint leaves, Lemon balm leaves, Greater celandine and Liquorice root. It will reduce the severity of your heart burn.
5.Cure at home. Heartburns can be cured at home by using apple cider vinegar. Drinking 10-15ml vinegar mixed in one glass of water after every meal or when you feel acidity, can help.
6. Consult a doctor. If you have this problem often and you can’t accost it, then ask a specialist for help (it’s the most obvious solution).
7. Don’t drink milk. Though surprising, drinking too much of milk too can cause acidity to a certain extent, especially if it’s hot.

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