Curcumin is one herbal supplement that should be included in your daily intake. The main benefit from it is to reduce inflammation. This is why it is so important to take but is not widely known about outside of India. Inflammation is a leading cause of why we age. Look at most elderly people and you will see they look swollen, have stiff joints, and most have high blood pressure. It can help reduce the swelling. I believe it is as important to take as fish and krill oil supplements. You should take 500mg twice a day of a good quality supplement. It should be certified 95% turmeric so you will get enough of it to benefit.• It can help to prevent alzheimers• Alzheimer’s symptoms can be reduced because it reduces inflamtionIt can also help boost the immune system in addition to other supplements described in our other articles.It has many other benefits than helping your brain.
It is called“holy powder” in India because it has so many benefits that include:

• Helping with your digestion
• Making your liver work better
• Improving your blood
• Wards off cancer and arthritisIt’s strong point is in helping to prevent many forms of cancer.It will help destroy mutated cells that are caused by cancer.I believe it is one of the most important items in your daily supplement intake. It is not as widely known about as other supplements. But it has many scientific studies to back up it’s effectiveness.The best way to tell that curcumin works for you is to try it for a week and you will see that it reduces inflamation in your joints and you will be much more flexible. Plus it will be protecting you from cancers and other inflamatory diseases.

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