Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is the major killer in North America. Most doctors say that it is caused by hardening of the arteries and should be treated with drugs that lower cholesterol. But there is a better way to prevent it.Dr. Linus Pauling who was a double Nobel Prize winner, found that large doses of vitamin c and lysine could prevent heart disease. But he was largely ignored for his finding. Pauling found that you would need at least 2000mg of vitamin C to prevent a heart attack.Vitamin C helps the body make collagen which is what holds heart cells together. Lysine works to make collagen strong.
The Professor of Anatomy at Wellington University Williams Stehbens, found in his research that coronary arteries near the heart and under the most pressure and results in the collagen breaking and can lead to a blood clot.Another researcher Dr. Sydney Bush, has proven that vitamin C can reverse and prevent heart problems.Bush and Stehbens have largely been ignored in their findings and people are not getting better because of this.
Cholesterol lowering drugs can have many side effects and complications they are not the answer to coronary disease that the drug companies would like you and your doctor believe.

Consult with your doctor with the above findings. But they probably won’t listen. The amount to take is: Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate, ascorbic Acid) 2000mg and L-Lysine (L-Lysine hydrochloride) 1300mgAlso I would take l-arginine an amino acid which helps to dissolve plaque buildup in  your arteries

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